Thank you for your donation

I would like to thank you for your support and commitment as I work hard to become the next Mayor of Leesburg.  I am committed to affecting change, building a stronger community, balancing our residential lifestyle, creating new economic growth, and honoring our environmental priorities.  

As your Mayor, I pledge to:

  • Put people over politics;
  • Lead the Town Council in listening to all the voices in our community;
  • Build bridges with county, state and federal elected officials to deliver programs and services to the benefit of our town;
  • Promote a fiscally conservative approach to budget planning and deliver the highest quality services at the lowest tax rate possible; and,
  • Find new sources of revenue to ensure Leesburg residents don’t shoulder all the tax burden caused by residential growth.


Thank you for your willingness to engage with me as we send a common message to make Leesburg better. Your financial support will help me achieve victory in November.